ICT Services

The objectives of ICT Services is to facilitate the government agencies to provide quality technical services to the public, assist the government employees in automating  the  service  delivery  by  developing  user  friendly  system.  These  would  help agencies to reduce the turn-around-time (TAT) while delivering services. 
The ICT Services Unit is responsible for the following functions: 
1.   Responsible for design, development and content updating of websites.
2.   Ensure LAN and Internet connectivity in office
3.   Ensure up-time of application systems.
4.   Ensure that the security of the data and systems are not compromised.
5.   Responsible for optimization of the systems and ICT processes.
6.   Responsible for initiating procedural changes to reduce the turn-around-time (TAT) for service delivery through innovation.
7. Promote the usage of ICT through user trainings such as: basic computer troubleshooting; google apps usage; etc. to the staff.
8. Comply with e-GIF standards.
9. Provide computer/networking related hardware and software troubleshooting services.
10. Responsible for updating operating systems and other software.
19. Responsible for planning budget for ICT Services