Legal Services

With numerous and diverse national legislations and MEAs, the mandates of the Legal Services is vast and cross sectoral
1. Provide legal advice on substantive and procedural questions of law and matters related to interpretation of laws. 
2. Formulate/review/revise/amend environmental related Acts, Regulations, Standards, guidelines in coordination with concerned technical divisions. 
3. Carry out awareness and sensitization programs on environmental laws. 
4. Assist in formulation/revision of guidelines, memorandum of understanding, announcements, notifications, circulars and other legal related documents.. 
5. Provide advice on different legal issues and assist in drafting legal opinions, memoranda and other legal documents. 
6. Conduct legal research by utilizing various resources and selecting the relevant material to analyze the legal information. 
7. Provide support in the ratification and implementation of MEAs.  
8. Represent NECS on all legal matters both at national and international meetings and workshops. 
9. Handle prosecution and defense cases and provide opinions/evidence on environmental cases before the court. 
10. Assess appeals cases related to environmental clearance, waste, water and other matters. 
11. Assist in issues related to application and renewal of environmental clearances and compliance. 
12. Provide assistance in the resolution of environmental clearance and water related disputes.