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Launching of Country Environment Analysis report for Bhutan: Taking the Green Growth Agenda Forward.
Published on: 12-Mar-2024

The Hon’ble Minister Gem Tshering, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources launched the Country Environment Analysis report for Bhutan along with Mr. Abdoulaye Seck, World Bank’s Country Director for Bangladesh and Bhutan under the theme of “ Taking the Green Growth Forward” as a Chief Guest on 12th March 2024 in Thimphu.

The report provides an overview of Bhutan’s unique environmental and development landscape, highlighting its success in sustainability and carbon neutrality, while also acknowledging emerging challenges such as climate change impacts, urbanization, and waste management among others. In this regard, the Country Environment Analysis aims to guide Bhutan’s development towards a green, resilient, and inclusive development path, integrating conservation achievements with new growth opportunities. It emphasizes balancing economic growth with environmental conservation, echoing Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness philosophy.

Key challenges identified in the report include climate change's impact on key sectors like hydropower and agriculture, rising greenhouse gas emissions, urbanization pressures, and waste management issues. The analysis suggests policy measures to harness natural resources sustainability, diversifying the economy, and addressing environmental risks while fostering private sector-led green growth.
The report also emphasizes the need for strong institutional capacity, human capital development, and access to finance to achieve sustainable development goals. It further highlights the potential and opportunities for Bhutan to monetize its carbon offsets through international climate finance mechanisms.
In essence, the CEA underscores the importance of preserving Bhutan’s pristine environment while promoting economic growth, calling for a holistic approach that integrates environmental, social, and economic objectives to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for the country.