Notification on Import of ambulance and garbage trucks and utility vehicle provided as gift or donation

The National Environment Commission Secretariat would like to notify that pursuant to the decision of the 55th National Environment Commission Meeting held on 18 August 2022, import of ambulance and garbage trucks with specification below Euro VI/Bharat Stage 6 will be permitted until such a times the preferred make of vehicles become available conforming to the required emission standards. In addition, any utility vehicles provided as gift or donation to the Royal Government not conforming to the Euro VI/Bharat Stage 6 will be allowed for import.

The Notification comes into effect from the date of the decision of the NEC Meeting. 

Published on: 07-Nov-2022

Registration for Import of HCFC and HFC for the year 2023

In accordance with section 23 of the Regulation on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer and Hydrofluorocarbons 2021, the National Environment Commission Secretariat (NECS) would like notify all the importers of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) including HFC Blends to register with the National Ozone Unit (NOU), NECS for the year 2023 by 31st December 2022.

HCFCs and HFCs are chemicals that are mainly used as refrigerants in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat-pumps, propellants in aerosols, blowing agent to manufacture insulating foam, fire protection fluids and solvents. Some of the most commonly used HCFCs and HFCs (including blends) in Bhutan includes the following. 
HCFC: HCFC-22 (R22)
HFC: HFC-134A (R134A), HFC-32 (R32)
HFC Blends: R404A, R407C, R410A

Import of HCFCs and HFCs including the blends into Bhutan is subject to prior registration and permit from the NOU. Failure to register may result in disallowance of the import permit. 

The registration form for both HCFCs and HFCs can be downloaded from NEC website at Dully filled registration form must be submitted to NOU or email at

For any inquiries and clarification, contact NOU at 323384/326993 during office hours.

Published on: 31-Oct-2022

Rules of Procedure for EATC meetings

The EATC is hereby reconstituted into two tiers of Committees.

Published on: 26-Oct-2022

Blue Planet Prize

The National Environment Commission is most humbled and honored to receive the prestigious Blue Planet Prize that was awarded to His Majesty the Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

Published on: 18-Oct-2022

Call for spot quotation for business class air ticket

The National Environment Commission would like to call for spot quotation for business class air ticket. The travel route proposed is 
Paro - Bangkok - Sharm-el-Sheikh 
Tentative travel date 27/28 October and return from Sharm-el-Sheikh (Egypt) 19/20 November 

Published on: 11-Oct-2022

Meeting on “Comprehensive assessment of water resources including both quality and quantity” Project

The Water Resources Coordination Division, National Environment Commission Secretariat (NECS) coordinated a meeting on September 27, 2022 to discuss on a) Groundwater assessment report for Gelephu, Sarpang Dzongkhag, b) Undertaking groundwater assessment for Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag, c) Add another site for groundwater assessment (CNR), and d) Discuss the way forward for surface water assessment.  

Published on: 27-Sep-2022

Training workshop on E-flow unit V: E-flow survey methods

As a part of the project titled ‘Study on Minimum Environmental (E) Flow for Hydropower Projects in Bhutan- Final Phase’, the Water Resources Coordination Division is conducting a training workshop on practical components of Unit V: E-flow survey methods from September 15-18, 2022 in Punakha. So far, we have successfully completed training on Unit I, Unit II, Unit III, Unit IV, Unit VI, Unit VII, unit VIII and unit IX of the nine units under the E-flow module.


Published on: 18-Sep-2022

Discouraging the import and disposal of religious statues/items in the environment during the Vishwakarma Puja

This is to notify all concerned agencies regarding the disposal of waste (religious items/statues) into the water bodies during the celebration of Vishwakarma puja. The disposal of waste into the environment is against the National Environmental Protection Act 2007, the Waste Prevention and Management Act of Bhutan 2009, and the Water Act of Bhutan 2011.

With the upcoming festival of Vishwakarma Puja on 17th September 2022, the ritual items/statues are indiscriminately disposed of in the water bodies (rivers and streams) which causes irreversible impacts on the environment and human health. Therefore, the import of such ritual items/statues shall be discouraged to reduce the impact caused by such practices in the country. In this regard, NECS would like to remind all the central and local government agencies to identify an appropriate site to dispose of the ritual items/statues and monitor the illegal dumping of waste into the non-identified site with immediate effect.


NECS solicits your kind support and cooperation as always.

Published on: 12-Sep-2022

Reminder on late submission of application for renewal of Environmental Clearance (EC)

This is to remind our valued applicants once again that the National Environment Commission Secretariat (NECS) has reinstated the imposition of penalty of late submission of EC renewal applications with effect from August 01, 2022 in accordance with the Environmental Assessment Act and Regulation for Environmental Clearance of Projects 2016. The same was notified vide letter NECS/EACD/Notification/2022/1218 dated July 08, 2022.

Therefore, all concerned EC holders are kindly advised to process the renewal application at least three months prior to the expiry of your EC along with other prerequisite documents as stipulated in your erstwhile EC.

Should you have any queries, please contact the Environment Assessment and Compliance Division of NECS at 02-331160

Published on: 08-Sep-2022

Lifting of moratorium on Talc mines

The National Environment Commission Secretariat would like to notify that pursuant to the decision of the 55th National Environment Commission meeting held on 18th August 2022, the moratorium on the Talc mines has been lifted.

Published on: 07-Sep-2022